Magicard Helix Card Printer

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Single or Dual Sided Card PrinterComplete System

Speed: 35 seconds full color each side

Connectivity: Both USB & Ethernet standard

Warranty: 3 year UltracoverPlus with loaner

Input/output capacity: 200/200

Price is for base model. See printer variants below.


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Price:  $ 3,296.25


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The Magicard Helix is the first ever desktop card printer to feature an interactive touch-screen interface.magicard-HELIX-screen
Visual indicators show connectivity, temperature and how many prints are remaining on the ribbons, film, and laminate. A preview screen on the Helix during printing shows the exact card being personalized and its progress through the print cycle. The intuitive interface makes it easy to change settings, with additional help provided through animated video sequences.



The Magicard Helix also features Magicard Holokote technology that is unique to only Magicard card printers. And the Helix marks the first time a retransfer card printer is equipped with Holokote. HoloKote is aMagicard-Holokote security watermark can be printed across the card surface without any need for additional supplies. This feature is a great substitute over more expensive laminating printer options. A choice of 4 generic HoloKote images and 1 generic HoloKote Flex (“Flexible” image placement) designs are selectable from the printer driver. For added security, the Custom HoloKote option (ordered separately) enables customization of the watermark to a custom logo or security image of your choice.

Great for: Employee ID cards, School ID cards, Door access cards, Membership card printing, conference badges &  more.

PVC Card sizes- CR80
PVC Card thicknesses- 10mil to 40mi
Software drivers- Built in USB and Ethernet connection with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 (32 and 64bit) Windows server 2003 R2 SP2, 2008, 2012 and Mac OS X 10.9.0 upwards
Printer weight- 31.7 lbs
Dimensions- Height: 16.5″ Width: / 17.9″ Length: 13″
See Magicard Helix brochure for full specifications.

Printer variants Details Product code
Helix Uno Single-sided printer 3663-8001
Helix Mag Single-sided printer with magnetic stripe encoder 3663-8002
Helix Smart Single-sided printer with smart card encoder 3663-8003
Helix Mag / Smart Single-sided printer with smart card and magnetic stripe encoders 3663-8004
Helix Duo Double-sided printer 3663-8021
Helix Duo Mag Double-sided printer with magnetic stripe encoder 3663-8022
Helix Duo Smart Double-sided printer with smart card encoder 3663-8023
Helix Duo Mag / Smart Double-sided printer with smart card and magnetic stripe encoders 3663-8024


Magicard Helix Brochure

Magicard Helix Ribbon and Film Sets

SET-HX1000 Helix YMCK dye film and RT film set
1000 images

SET-HX3000S Helix YMCKS Secure HoloKote® film set (4 YMCKS and 3 RT films)
3000 images

SET-HX3000K Helix black dye film and RT film set (1 black and 3 RT films)
3000 images

Magicard Helix Ribbons

HX1000YMCK Helix YMCK dye film 1000 images

HX750YMCKS Helix YMCKS Secure HoloKote® dye film 750 images

HX750YMCKK Helix YMCKK dye film 750 images

HX3000K Helix black dye ribbon 3000 images

Magicard Helix Film

HX1000RT Helix RT film 1000 images

HX1000RTD Helix durable RT film 1000 images


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