There's an Easier Way to do ID.

Easy Badges ID card software
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Free Lifetime Phone & Email Support
No Reoccurring Charges
Compatible with All Popular ID Printers
Both PC and Mac Compatible
Beginner Included with Printer Purchases

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Easy Badges Quick Tutorial

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Internal Database Setup

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Connect to Excel

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which ID printers are compatible?

Easy Badges ID card software is compatible with any standard ID card printer model including Fargo, HID, Zebra, Evolis, Magicard, Datacard, Nisca, and Swiftcolor ID printer models.

Are there recurring charges?

Our software is a one time purchase. There are no reoccurring charges or an extra cost to update to the newest version of Easy Badges.

How do I upgrade to a higher version?

Each version can be electronically upgraded at a later time allowing you to expand your ID program with your growing business. Just email us for a quote along with your license key. 

Can I connect to outside databases?

Yes! The Beginner version only includes an internal database to save records, but higher versions can connect to various outside databases to quickly import card holder information and photos. The Standard edition can connect to Excel or Txt databases. Advanced can connect to MS Access or SQLite. And Finally Expert and Enterprise can connect to almost any database via an ODBC connection. That means you can likely connect directly to your HR, Student, or SalesForce software to import the information. Best yet, we are happy to help setup the connection BEFORE purchasing! 

Is tech support included?

Easy Badges ID card software comes with free lifetime telephone and email support. We are here to help as needed with setup, design, and unlimited trainings at no charge.

Which version do I need?

Easy Badges Beginner is enough for over 90% of organizations. The next step up, Standard, add the ability to connect to an Excel database to import cardholder information. Standard also adds the ability create and print QR codes while Beginner only includes standard 1D barcodes. There is a helpful comparison chart on page two of the brochure that compares all 5 versions. 

How does the license work?

We have two options for you.

1.) We can provide a license that runs off a USB thumb drive that must be inserted into the computer while printing. This allows for the printing from multiple workstations by moving the USB thumb drive between computers when necessary and additional security with ability to lock away the thumb drive to prevent unauthorized use. So each license is good for 1 work station and additional licenses need to be purchased for each work station that needs to actually send print jobs. However, the Enterprise edition thumbdrive edition is good for up to 16 PCs on the same network.

2.) We can provide provide an activation code via email instantly. We call this version of the software Cardholdir ID. This activation is good for 1 install, on one PC or MAC. Moving the license key would require the user contacted us to migrate the license to another workstation.

Can I have a demo or get setup before purchase?

Yes! We can get you all setup even before purchase or just show you around via a remote session. Just email us to plan a time!

How do I Get Started?

Download it!

It’s a full working copy, it just prints a watermark until actually purchased.

Book a Demo

One of our Easy Badges techs will do a remote session, show you around, and start getting things setup even before purchase.

Buy an ID System

All of our ID card systems come with our Beginner software at no charge.


There's an Easier Way to do ID


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