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easy-badges-logoEasy Badges ID card software is an easy-to-use, full-featured ID card software for use with your MAC or PC. Easy Badges ID card software is compatible with any standard ID card printer model including Fargo, HID, Zebra, Evolis, Magicard, Datacard, Nisca, and Swiftcolor ID printer models. Easy Badges ID card software comes with free lifetime telephone and email support. Our software is a one time purchase. There are no reoccurring charges or an extra cost to update to the newest version of Easy Badges. We are here to help as needed with setup, design, and unlimited trainings at no charge. Each version can be electronically upgraded at a later time allowing you to expand your ID program with your growing business. Give Easy Badges a try before you buy by downloading the free trial. The trial download is a full working version, but it will print a watermark until a license is purchased. Each license runs off an electronic download Easy Badges- There’s an easier way to do ID.

What is Easy Badges ID card software?

Easy Badges is ID card software for PC and Macs that allows businesses of all sizes to easily design and print employee identity cards, visitor passes, access control cards, and more. Designed to be both powerful and user-friendly, this ID card software for PC and Mac comes in tiered editions with a wide range of features to ensure that all your employee ID program requirements are met. With Easy Badges there is no need to outsource graphic designers or spend tons of money on expensive and confusing employee ID card software programs. With Easy Badges ID software, creating and printing professional-quality, branded identity cards has never been easier or more cost-effective.

Improve the Way Your Business Operates Employee name badges have many benefits for the companies that opt to use them. From keeping office spaces secure to creating a sense of belonging to facilitating employee conversations, company ID cards have a variety of useful functions. Perhaps the most useful function of employee identity cards is workplace safety. Companies that implement ID badges into their daily operations are taking an important step to help protect their office environments from violence and unauthorized intruders.

Easy Badges ID Software Key Features Overview:

    • Easily create employee ID cards, access control cards, visitor passes and more
    • Save time and money; avoid the hassle of outsourcing your ID card design and printing production
    • Simplified image treatment and card encoding
    • Connect to any database
    • Run Easy Badges card designer software on both Mac and Windows PCs
    • Group and user login management
    • Full setup on a USB security dongle
  Beginner comes with the basic features for ID design and ID printing. It includes predefined templates, signature acquisition, 1D Barcodes, WIA/TWAIN and Direct Show acquisition as well as Magnetic encoding.

Standard   adds, among other features, QR codes, .XLS, .CSV and .TXT database connection, Database View and Link Image to DB field. 

Advanced adds, among other features, local MS Access connection, Photo on database, Face-crop tool for face recognition and 2D barcodes.

 Expert  adds ODBC connection, RFID Contactless direct encoding, Smartcard plugin, Multi-Layout card designs, Conditional printing, Operation Logs and many more!

Enterprise   adds advanced features like DESFire, Web Print Server and Net License up to 16 PC’s.

Easy Badges offers tiered pricing and different software editions to help businesses both small, large and everything in between find the right software solution for their employee ID badge programs. From simple features like image imports to advanced features to fingerprint acquisition, Easy Badges ID software has extensive features that enable businesses to monitor their office spaces, keep track of employee hours, control access to restricted areas, build brand recognition and create a strong company culture.

Easy Badges ID Card Print Software for PC and Mac Beginner to Enterprise Edition Comparison

For small businesses and big companies alike, Easy Badges offers a wide range of photo ID design and printing features to best meet each company’s unique needs. Easy Badges ID card software for PC and Mac is available in Beginner to Enterprise editions, with mid-level solutions in between. What’s more is that any purchased Easy badges edition can easily be upgraded to meet the demands of a changing and growing business.

Easy Badges Beginner Edition:

Easy Badges Beginner ID software comes with great features needed to design and print employee ID cards. From predefined templates to a built-in image editor to 1D barcodes and more, Easy Badges has also offers an internal database that can hold unlimited records. Easy Badges Beginner software is included at no charge with all of our ID card printer systems we sell.

Easy Badges Standard Edition Key Features:

Easy Badges Standard offers predefined templates to front and back printing to text editing in Card Design, and more. Additionally, this software edition includes QR codes, .XLS, .XLSX, .CSV and .TXT database connection, database view, and link image to DB field.

Easy Badges Advanced Edition Key Features:

Adds, among other features, local MS Access connection, Photo on database, Face-crop tool for face recognition and 2D barcodes.

Easy Badges Expert Edition Key Features:

For companies that need a more comprehensive employee ID creation and printing solution, Easy Badges Expert edition card software has robust features that enable smooth business operations. Beyond basic features like image editors and template browsers, XL software includes ODBC connection, RFID contactless direct encoding and smartcard plugin, multi-layout card designs, conditional printing, operation logs, audit reports, fingerprint acquisition and more.

Easy Badges Enterprise Edition Key Features:

Beyond advanced features such as fingerprint acquisition, encoding view and user allowances, Easy Badges Enterprise software adds DESFire, web print server, conditional and auto printing options, making it an ideal option for mid-size to big businesses. Easy Badges Enterprise edition software also comes with a net license that will work with up to 16 PCs belonging to the same scope and office subnet. As a powerful and comprehensive ID card design and printing solution, Easy Badges doesn’t come with the heavy price tag of other employee ID creation programs.

Free Updates

When Easy Badges releases new features, our software purchasers can easily download updates for free by simply going to the main menu.

Easy Badges ID Card Software Upgrades

After purchasing an electronic upgrade from one of our customer service reps, Easy Badges ID software purchasers can easily download upgrades by simply going to the main menu, clicking on “Easy Badges License” and selecting “Check for upgrades.” If an upgrade is available, Easy Badges will electronically download it to your Windows or Mac computer.

Easy Badges Beginner to Enterprise Editions Comparison Chart

For a complete overview of all the features offered by Easy Badges card design software, see the convenient comparison chart on page 2 of the Easy Badges brochure.

Free ID Card Software for Mac

A USB security dongle is required and must be plugged into a computer in order for Easy Badges software to run and print. However, a free download of the software is available to run in demo mode. A watermark will print on all ID cards created with the Easy Badges demo software. To create and print ID cards without a watermark, the full version of Easy Badges ID badge software must be purchased from EasyBadges.com.

Free Online Learning Resources

At Easy Badges we value our customers. We provide multiple learning resources including online tutorials, manuals, videos, and FAQs to help our them get the most value out of Easy Badges ID design and printing software.

Free Quality Tech Support

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we guaranteed free, high-quality technical support. At Easy Badges, our experts provide tech notes, video tutorials, email, phone and Skype support to our customers to ensure their questions and issues are resolved in an efficient and timely manner.

Why Your Business Should Invest in Employee ID Software

Office Safety & Security

Businesses that opt for ID badge programs are taking an important step to creating more secure workplaces for their employees and authorized visitors. ID cards enable security personnel and other employees to visibly identify the people entering and exiting their company offices and facilities.

Build a Strong Company Culture

Businesses that integrate ID cards into their day-to-day business operations are working towards creating a strong company culture. Given how a branded identity card is symbolic of the values and attitudes of a particular organization, implementing a company ID program can help foster a sense of belonging among employees.

Facilitate Communication Between Employees

Whether you’re a small, mid-size or large business remembering people’s names can be a challenge. Employee ID badges make it easy for employees, clients and visitors to address one another and help eliminate the awkwardness of having to try to remember someone’s name.

Promote Brand Awareness

Custom employee ID cards displaying your business logo can help raise brand awareness at a wide variety of places. Chances are that many employees will wear their IDs on lanyards or clip them onto their clothing inside and outside of your company offices. From quick lunch runs to the daily commute to trade shows and other industry events, Easy Badges designed ID cards can help boost awareness about your brand at no extra cost.

Additional ID Card Functions

      • Proximity features: employees can use their ID cards to gain entry into offices and open doors within their workplaces. The cards preencoded prox information can be captured to collate the cards information to the user information in a database.
      • Smartcard encoding capability: this feature enables employees to access computers, doors, and other privileges using their ID cards
      • ID cards can be used as timecards; this can help HR departments keep better track of employee hours and avoid costly, time-consuming errors

Whether you’re a small, mid-size or large business, Easy Badges has an employee ID design and printing solution for you. Our flexible and scalable software editions are designed to meet your ever-evolving business needs.

Easy Badges minimum system requirements:

Windows 11®, Windows 10®, Windows 8®, Windows 7®, Windows Server 2008 R2®, Windows Server 2012®, Windows Server 2016®, Windows Server 2019®, Mac OS X High Sierra 10.13 or higher, Dual core processor, 2GB of RAM, 500MB hard disk free space and 1024×768 monitor resolution.




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