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8 Insider Tips to Select an ID Printer in 5 Minutes

Across manufacturers, across all models, there are a lot of features to sift through before you can buy the ID card printer that produces the ID badges your organization needs: double sided capabilities, direct-to-card vs retransfer, lamination, and more. We...

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HID® Card Types, Programming & Ordering Finally Explained

If you’re looking for the right door access card or fob for your business, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will explain the types of access control cards and how to identify HID® card types and...

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Choosing the Right Oversized ID Card Printer

  People choose event ID card printers (also called badge printers) that can produce oversized IDs for a lot of reasons. With the larger surface area, they can more prominently display sponsors or brand design. They can even provide revenue....


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How to Find a Facility Code on a HID card

How do I find the Facility Code for programming? If you need to order more HID cards or need to enroll an HID card into your access control system, you may need help finding the facility code on your working cards. The Facility Code is never printed on the HID card itself. There are multiple […]


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Cardholdir ID Solid 210 Printer Driver

Latest Cardholdir ID Solid 210 Printer Drivers (Released February 5, 2023): Download for Windows Download for MacOS    


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Fargo DTC550 Ribbon Breaking

Is your Fargo DTC550 ribbon breaking? Ribbon breaking or tearing is one of the most common issues in card printing. In most cases, the issues can be resolved quite simply. First, it’s important to determine if the break is straight or if it is jagged as each is associated with different issues. Jagged ribbon breaks […]


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Fargo DTC550 Ribbon Installation

  1.) Open up the cover. 2.) Pull back on the blue latch hooks to release the printhead arm and pull the printhead arm to its fully open position. 3.) To load the ribbon: Place the supply end of the print ribbon in between the two hubs. The print ribbon comes wound on a gray […]


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