Zebra ZC100 Series ID Badge Printer System

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Zebra ZC100 is the ideal printer for low-volume, single-sided card printing applications in color or monochrome. This ID badge maker is the perfect solution for small businesses, corporate offices, retail stores, or schools making employee badges, access control badges, membership cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, transit passes, school or university cards, and much more. The perfect choice for printing single sided ID badges. With EasyBadges easy to use software, clear printing in monochrome or color is at your fingertips.

Easy Badges includes Free Easy Care lifetime phone & email support. Easy Care includes unlimited setup and training assistance. Easy Badges never charges more for trainings or remote assistance.

  • 500 per year or less (Entry Level)
  • One Sided
  • USB and optional Ethernet
  • 100 Card Input Hopper or Manual Feeding
  • 150 full color cards/hour
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Free Lifetime Phone & Email Support


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  • Free Lifetime Phone Support

  • Free Lifetime Email Support

  • Free Unlimited Training


Zebra ZC100 Series ID Badge Printer System

Looking for a great card printer for your growing business? Look no further than the Zebra ZC100 Series ID badge printer system. Featuring single-sided printing at an affordable price point, this model is the most cost effective way to get started in card printing. The ZC1000 combines high quality printing, intuitive design, and versatility in one compact package. Newly redesigned to be easy to use with little to no technical support or user training needed. It features an easy manual card feeder with LED light pipe to indicate when to insert the card, new ribbon cartridge with smartchip and 100-card input and output hopper that adjusts card thickness automatically.

ZC100 Advanced Security

Do you require a secure printing solution? The advanced security features of the ZC100 allow printer-to-host authentication to help prevent unauthorized printing, and government-grade encryption protects the most sensitive data during printing. These features are ideal for a wide range of industries such as healthcare and government.

Zebra ZC100 Drivers & Software

Easy Badges ID badge software makes it easy to design ID badges yourself. Without having to learn Photoshop or hire expensive graphic designers, choose a template among the hundreds available and tweak it to include your logo and colors. Our software is as easy to use as it sounds. Work on PC and MAC, no need to worry about your operating system. Easy Badges software allows you to create professional quality, branded identity cards, visitor passes, access control cards, and more. 

Zebra ZC100 comes with the Zebra printer driver for Windows and Mac OS platforms. The driver makes interaction between the printer and the computer more intuitive. 

More For Your Investment

Easy Badges signature lifetime email and phone support is unique in the industry. While most ID badge printing companies offer some limited ongoing support, Easy Badges goes above and beyond the industry standard. When you buy from us you are a customer for life- we will always be there on the line.


With plug-and-play deployment, instant card feeder adjustment, intuitive icons, and driver interface, the ZC100 is easy to integrate, use, and manage. Ribbon changing is virtually fool-proof, and the revolutionary hopper design makes loading and unloading cards easier than ever.


Even though the ZC100 is built for business, it has the consumer good looks required to fit in customer-facing areas – from the corporate office to the university to the retail store.


The advanced security features of the ZC100 enable printer-to-host authentication to help prevent unauthorized printing, and government-grade encryption protects the most sensitive data during printing.

Call us today to find out more about your printing options (855) 436-0527 sales@easybadges.com


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