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Evolis Agilia ID Card Printer

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  • Single Sided, Dual Sided Optional message
  • Retransfer Printing Technology in 600 dpi message
  • $0.46 per YMCKO card in 24 seconds message
  • 200 Card Input Hopper & 100 Card Output
  • Lamination : Optional message
  • Security features: Digital Erasing, Optional Kineclipse®, Optional Mechanical lock, Optional Lamination Holograms message
  • Warranty : 3 years, Lifetime on Printhead
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  • Easy Badges Beginner ID Software message
  • Supply packs include everything needed to print cards
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  • Free sample cards prior to purchase
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  • Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1 Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 20212 R
  • MAC OS 14 (Sonoma), Mac OS 13 (Ventura) MAC OS 12 (Monterey)
  • Linux RPM & DEB
  • CR80 sized plastic cards (Driver's License Size) 3.375'' x 2.125''
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Product Description

Evolis Agilia Retransfer Card Printer

When it comes to selecting an ID card printer, the best printers are the ones you never have to think about. They provide the features you need and the reliability you expect. They are workhorses, plain and simple. If personnel relying on ID card printers never have to contact IT or support, then those printers are doing their job.

This is one of the main reasons why Easy Badges is excited to offer the Agilia retransfer card printer from Evolis. The Agilia is recognized as one of the best ID badge printers on the market today, with features ranging from dual-sided retransfer printing to high-volume capabilities.

In fact, the Agilia excels at high-volume badge printing. Historically, retransfer printers have been slower than the average direct-to-card ID printer, but the Agilia can print 150 single-sided badges per hour with its high-resolution 600 dpi print head. This makes it one of the faster badge printers on the market. It has a feeder capable of holding 200 badges, but it also comes equipped with a manual feeder for those slow days and one-off print jobs.

The Evolis Agilia is an ideal solution for ID badge systems where security is a primary concern. In addition to support for physical card security features (more on that later!), it supports digital erasing—data sent to the printer is automatically deleted from its memory.

We have found that the Evolis Agilia is a perfect solution for any number of situations, including:

  • Employee ID badge systems
  • Proximity card printing
  • Student ID card printing at schools and universities
  • Access card printing, such as for institutions like hospitals

Get Brilliant Colors with Retransfer Printing

The Agilia’s retransfer printing ensures flawless print quality and extensive graphic customization options. Retransfer printing uses a two-step process that first prints the badge image into a clear film, and then applies that film to the badge’s surface. This technology results in vibrant and intricately detailed cards. Furthermore, the Agilia provides colorimetric profile adjustment, which guarantees color accuracy that closely matches on-screen visuals. Retranfer printing is also ideal for access cards, as the technology allows for a smooth print over the area of the embedded contactless chip and antenna within the door access card.  

It offers a number of advantages, such as true over-the-edge printing and the ability to handle full-bleed, saturated card designs with ease. The high quality of the badges this printer produces is particularly appealing to organizations that print large numbers of badges—the resulting durability means those badges last longer and look good longer. One of the most unique features of the Agilia printer is that it has the ability to apply a second layer of retransfer film to give cards superior resistance to wear and tear. This additional durability means the Agilia excels as a student ID card maker for universities, highschools, and K-12.

Along with the brilliant colors offered by retransfer printing, the Agilia provides easy color profiling for brand standards, which means superior color matching between screen values and printing values. In addition, custom color profiles can be created to better match brand standards.

Enhanced Security Features

The Agilia can handle several advanced encoding options, including magnetic stripe encoding, contactless and contact smartcard encodings. With the lamination add-on, the Agilia can also take advantage of holographic watermarks embedded in custom lamination film. In addition, the Agilia is compatible with all embedded security features that Easy Badges offers in custom PVC ID card blanks. With these powerful options, the Agilia can provide the best security features of employee ID badge makers.

Built-in Lamination Feature

Enhance your ID card printing process by pairing Agilia with the Evolis lamination module. After cards are printed, they proceed directly to lamination, where they are furnished with a durable laminate overlay. Options for this overlay include clear varnish, patch laminates, and holographic security features, providing an array of customization possibilities.

Laminated ID cards can last 10+ years similar to a driver’s license. They are also a perfect fit for environments where the card will be exposed to cleaning supplies on a consistent basis such as a hospital ID card.

Benefits of Dual-Sided Printing

Dual-sided printing gives the Agilia specific advantages. Since it prints dual-sided ID cards at a rate of 100 per hour, it is far faster, more efficient, and less error-prone than single-sided printers that require manual flipping of cards to print on the reverse side. In addition, dual-sided printing allows the Agilia to provide enhanced security features and more space for additional information.

Crisp, Clear LCD Panel with QR Code Display

The Agilia has a large, full-color LCD panel screen that presents critical information in real-time, so operators can be fully informed about printer status. In addition, the Agilia is always ready to direct you to help if it is needed, with a QR code display that directs users to troubleshooting videos.

No More Warped Cards

Historically, retransfer printing and lamination were notorious for causing PVC cards to warp due to the level of heat the process used. The workaround required using more expensive composite cards or adding an additional card flattening device to the ID card printer. Well, no longer! The Evolis Agilia prints flat cards without the need for expensive additional devices or different card materials.

Compact Form Factor and Physical Security

The Evolis Agilia stands out with its sleek, compact design, allowing it to easily fit into a variety of workspaces. Furthermore, at just 10kg (22 pounds), it is remarkably lightweight and portable. This combination of a small footprint and low weight makes the Agilia an ideal choice for environments where space savings and convenience are a priority.

The Agilia comes equipped with a Kensington security slot for additional physical security.

No Matter the Printer, You Need Support

ID Card printers are critical to workflows, so no matter the printer you buy, Easy Badges supports your organization. Forever phone and email support is standard for our customers.

Compatible with Easy Badges ID Card software

The Easy Badges ID Card Software is compatible with all popular ID card printers, including the Evolis Agilia. It is the perfect accompaniment to the Agilia and will enable you to create exactly the badge your organization — from large hospitals and corporations to schools to government sites — needs.

The beginner version of this software is included with all printer purchases and comes with free lifetime phone and email support. Easy Badges ID Card Software is both PC and Mac compatible.


Evolis Agilia

GENERAL FEATURES • Single or double-sided print module • Perfect printing of the edges • 600 dpi print head (23.6 dots/mm) • Print quality optimization via color profile • User interface: 3.5 inch color LCD touchscreen
PRINT SPEED • Single-sided (YMCK): 150 cards/hour • Double-sided (YMCKK): 100 cards/hour
CARD MANAGEMENT AND SPECIFICATIONS • Feeder capacity: 200 cards (0.76 mm – 30 mil) • Hopper capacity: 100 cards (0.76 mm – 30 mil) • Reject hopper capacity: 10 cards (0.76 mm – 30 mil) • Card types: PVC cards, composite PVC cards, PET cards, PC cards, ABS cards
PORTS / CONNECTIVITY • USB (2.0), cable supplied • Ethernet TCP-IP 10BaseT, 100BaseT (Traffic Led)
LAMINATION (OPTION) Standard single and double-sided • Wide range of lamination films: patches and varnishes with or without holograms
OPTIONS INTEGRATED ON SITE ∙ Double-sided activation key ∙ Encoding modules ∙ Lamination module
SECURITY • Socket for Kensington® security lock • Module for locking access to blank cards, ribbon, and film (optional) • Erasure of sensitive data from the printer memory
ENCODING MODULES • ISO 7811 magnetic strip encoder • Contact smart card encoders • Contactless smart card encoders • Dual smart card encoders (contact/contactless) • Options can be combined • On-site or factory fitting
WARRANTY CONDITIONS • 3 years for the printer, lifetime for the print head ∙ Optional extended warranty available
Expert Verdict star star star star star

If your organization is in need of high-quality ID cards in a Mac® environment, the Evolis Agilia is the perfect solution. Unlike other retransfer ID card printers, the Agilia is compatible with current Mac® operating systems. While a PC environment may offer more color options and printer control, the Agilia is the superior choice for schools, universities, and any organization that requires Mac® compatibility. With its impressive speed, the Agilia rivals HID Fargo's HDP6600 retransfer printer. And like all Evolis printers, the Agilia is scalable and can help you save on upfront costs as your organization grows. The Evolis line of printers is meticulously hand-built and hand-tested in France, resulting in an impressively low rate of defects.

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Spoke with skyler today in sales, what a pleasure to deal with! They beat my old price by over $500, highly recommend this company. I will be doing business with them again.

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