Evolis Avansia Ribbon RT5F013NAA 400 Prints YMCKH

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For use with: Evolis Avansia ID card printer

Yield: 400 cards

Color: YMCKH (Full Color RT Ribbon for Non-PVC Card Printing)

Ribbon only. Used in tangent with RTCL009NAA Retransfer ribbon.

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Evolis High Trust® YMCKH Ribbon for Printing on Non-PVC Cards 400 prints/roll.

This is a Evolis Avansia Color Retransfer YMCKH ribbon, part number RT5F013NAA only. This ribbon is for a re-transfer printer, which initially prints the image onto a film ribbon, then transfers the film onto the card. For this reason, there is no overlay panel on the dye film ribbon because the transfer film acts as an overlay panel.

The Evolis Avansia YMCKH ribbon has been designed to enable the Avansia Retransfer printer to use various card substrates other than PVC: Poly carbonate (PC), PET-G and ABS. The Heat Seal (H) panel is a special coating that is applied after the Y, M, C, K panels to enable the good transfer of the printing on the card with uneven surface.

The Evolis RT5F013NAA ribbon will print 400 Single Sided cards and 200 Dual Sided cards. This is a YMCKH ribbon, which means it has a Yellow panel, Magenta panel, Cyan panel, and Resin Black panel and then starts again with an “H” heat seal panel.

Easy Badges only sells genuine Evolis products. Beware that counterfeits on other websites will void the warranty and could lead to printer damage.


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