Fargo 84051 Ribbon – 500 Prints – YMCK

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For use with: Fargo HDP5000 card printer

Yield: 500 cards

Color: YMCK (Full color)

Ribbon only. Used in tangent with HDP5000 film

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Fargo 84051 Ribbon – 500 Prints – YMCK

This is a Fargo HDP5000 YMCK ribbon, part number 084051 only. The Fargo HDP5000 is a reverse transfer ribbon which requires a separate retransfer film, Fargo part number 084053, to print on the cards.

This color ribbon will print 500 cards on one side, 250 cards with color on front and black only on the back or 250 cards with color on both sides. This is a YMCK ribbon, which means it has a Yellow panel, Magenta panel, Cyan panel, Resin Black panel and then starts again with the Yellow panel. This ribbon uses a resin black panel to print black where needed. This is the most effective for barcodes, or if the customer wants the black to stand out. A YMCK ribbon will still only print 250 two-sided cards, even if only black is printed on the back side of the card. If you wish to print color on the front and black only back of the cards look for a YMCKK ribbon such as the FARGO 084052 dye film.

This ribbon is for a retransfer printer, which initially prints the image onto a film ribbon, then transfers the film onto the card. For this reason, there is no overlay panel on the dye film ribbon because the transfer film acts as an overlay panel.


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