Magicard N9005-761Med Cleaning Kit

$ 38.00

For use with: Magicard Rio & Tango Printers

Cleaning kit includes 10 cards, 3 cleaning rollers, 2 pens

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ID Card printers need to be cleaned periodically to continue to produce crisp clean images on the cards. It is recommended that you clean the printer every time you change the ribbon. Lack of cleaning can be the cause of frequent card jams, inability to feed new cards and smudges on the cards. Magicard recommends that the rollers be cleaned using a “T” cleaning card, and the cleaning rollers be swapped out with each ribbon change.  The cleaning pens are used to clean the printhead.  If your cards are printing with a line across the card from one end to another, it could be because of a dirty printhead.  Instructions for cleaning your printer can be found in your user manual.  We also provide a pdf of the cleaning instructions in the Documents tab.

Rio 2E Cleaning Instructions


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